place2stay is a third generation property rental and development company.

There is a wide variety of accommodation available from bachelor flats to spacious 3 bed, 2 bath townhouses.

We pride ourselves on well-maintained safe and secure units. Well priced and centrally located.

Very spacious townhouses in a quiet suburb situated one block from Edenglen Primary and two blocks from Edenglen High School. Each unit has a double lock up garage attached to the unit. Gardens serviced weekly in summer.
Spacious units situated in a quiet neighbourhood. All of the units have an open plan lounge, dining room leading onto the kitchen. All units have sliding doors leading off the lounge onto a small balcony. Gardens serviced weekly in Summer.
Up-market townhouses with open plan kitchen , lounge and dining room. Each unit has a double lock up garage and a small private garden. Access controlled gate per 3 units. Gardens serviced weekly in summer.
Chantilly Place
Location 135 1st Avenue
Description 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with double lock-up garage (12 units)
Price R8,600
Chantilly Place
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Eden Park
Location cnr Marrett and Vincent Ave
Description 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with double lock-up double garage (10 units)
Price R9,200
Description 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Price R7,240
Eden Park
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East Willows
Location cnr Willow and Republic Rd Eastleigh
Description 1 bedroom flat
Price R4,965
Description 1 bedroom flat with garden
Price R4,965
Description 2 bedroom flat
Price R5,450
Description 2 bedroom flat with garden
Price R6,150
Description No. 11
Price R5,550
Description 3 bedroom flat
Price R6,300
Description 3 bedroom flat with garden
Price R6,500
Please note that flats only have one garage each.
East Willows
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are pets allowed?
Only in the townhouses! Written permission must be obtained, should the pet become a nuisance then permission will be withdrawn and the pet will have to vacate.
What about the gardens? Who will mow the lawn and maintain the garden?
The gardens are serviced weekly, weather allowing, in summer and as needed in winter. We have our own garden staff that service all of our buildings and have worked for us for several years. No outsiders will be used so as to compromise your security!
How do the lease agreements work? Minimum period of lease?
All the leases are entered into for 1 year (12 months ). The lease will lapse and must be renewed annually. No month to month leases will be considered!
Rental escalation?
All residential units within the specific building have an anniversary increase, meaning that every ones rentals increases on a specific date for e.g 1st April each year.
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